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the journey

the journey

Vilafonté has been farming sustainably since our founding in 1997

We think long-term
We respect the land
We are mere custodians

We take big steps to leave small footprints towards a positive impact

“The path to sustainability is a choice – it is a responsibility. Team Vilafonté have planned a conscious and rigorous journey of continuous quality improvement in everything that we do.”

from the desk of

Michael S. Ratcliffe

our sustainability practises

Striving for sustainability of our business, our people and our land.

Our ongoing sustainability, soil health, climate action & diversity journey is a set of goals and initiatives designed to lead climate solutions, create positive social impact, and support the Vilafonté founders long-term vision for a sustainable future.


Achieved a 50-60% reduction in water use since 2019 through new proprietary irrigation practice – dirt® Direct Injection to Root-zone Technology.

Systematically recording and analysing the interaction of weather pattern data,  phenology data, soil moisture and evapo-transpiration data since inception in 1997. 

Water reservoir to capture run-off rain while not interrupting important watersheds. 

enriching our dirt

Permaculture – nurturing a rich, self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem promoting biodiversity – 40% of our land will remain unplanted to serve as ecological compensation zones.

Protecting our soils with cover crops to retain water and to fix & nurture beneficial micro-organisms.

Looking back to look ahead – adapting to climate change by anticipating the impact on our vineyards.

Instilling a winegrowing culture that favours soil health and respects the environment.


Develop energy-efficient buildings and winery

Implement solar generation and storage capacity by 2025.

Implementing full LED lighting solution.

A commitment to electric vehicles as soon as available.


A highly diverse senior management team with at least 40% female and 40% black & ethnic minority representation. A company-wide staff complement with at least 50% female and 50% black & ethnic minority representation.

Positively impacting our communities and our team through education and opportunity. Allow people to live with dignity and happiness.

Build a workplace where diversity, equity, and inclusion thrive, while also empowering our employees.

“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible”

Sir Albert Howard (English botanist) 1873-1947