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the vineyard

— our terroir —

Founded in 1997, the 42ha property with its unique vilafontes soils, served as the fuse to our vision.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec confirmed its affinity to the ancient soils that has been dated as being somewhere between 750 000 and 1.5mil years old.  Planted at high density, these vines adhere to the exquisite struggle; encouraging smaller vines, lower yields and highly concentrated fruit. Vilafonté Series M and Series C are exclusively from grapes grown on our property.

Although there is much variation in the climate of the Western Cape, the biggest influence on wine growing in South Africa is the presence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The cooling maritime influence has created what can be described as a Mediterranean climate. Wet and cold winters paired with long dry summers create an extremely favourable environment for the production of fine wine.