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ancient footsteps

— 33° 47' 38'' S 18° 56' 09'' E —

The ancient vilafontes soils on our property defines our winegrowing philosophy. Noted as one of the oldest documented soil types, a unique defining characteristic of this site is the presence of stone age cutting tools laying on the surface. The origin of these stone tools have been attributed to a branch of human evolution called Homo ergaster (meaning “the working man”) between 1.4 million and 1.9 million years ago. This is the first of the hominid species to make symmetrically shaped tools. Remarkably, as these tools were found on the surface of the soil, it confirms the fact that our region has never experienced glaciation, volcanic disturbances or more recent sedimentary deposits, which have left the top soils undisturbed for millennia.

These healthy but nutrient deficient soils cradle the vines into producing wines driven by character, purity and refinement with a perfect tension ubiquitous to each vintage produced.